Our Story

My Why

I was watching my two daughters play one day and all of the sudden it hit me…I am raising future moms. Wow, let that sink in. Someday (hopefully) my girls will become moms too. It is altogether wonderful and terrifying. As a mom, you know you’ll get some stuff wrong, but hopefully, you’ll get most of the important stuff right. Something I want my girls to know, is that whatever ambitions they have in life, they can achieve them. What is a better way to show them than to set the example of just that? So here I am, chasing my ambitions, setting the example and starting this business. A Word to a Mother was just a dream that started after my first daughter was born in 2017. It stayed a dream for nearly 6 years. A consistent nudge from the Lord finally gave me the courage to make the dream a reality. In January 2023, I began my small business journey.

A Word to a Mother is for all moms. No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in, there will always be another mom that has been there, is currently there, or will be there someday. How encouraging is that to know that you are not alone? Motherhood can be very lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. This is not just another mom brand, it is a community and space where we as moms can celebrate the big and little wins of motherhood together. In addition, we can lift each other up in the hard times of motherhood. My hope is that A Word to a Mother will provide another mom with some encouragement, peace of mind, a sense of togetherness and the realization that you were meant to be your child's (children's) mom! YOU’VE GOT THIS, MAMA!!

When you buy from our shop, you are making a difference in another moms life. Wearing one of our shirts could be just the words another mom needed to see that day.


With Love and Respect, Emery Ann Sexton (the mom behind the brand)